I started Kelly’s classes in January to do something different and keep me motivated, it’s been fun and I always leave with a buzz! Kelly really looks after everyone while pushing you to do more every time! Love it every time!

Niki Rajput

best workouts EVER with kelly never sweated or hurt so much in my life but so worth it look forward to every week! ��

Katy Thorpe

Kelly is the lady you need in your life, brilliant classes with a great crowed of people all on different journey, I have also have had PT with kelly they are bloody amazing kelly has help me with all eating habits and given me lots of help, advice and meal planning. ��

Vicky Rivers

I’ve been doing Kelly’s HIIT class consistently for a month and I’ve already lost 5inches off my waist, the classes are fun and Kelly helps, encourages and even adjusts moves for everyone’s needs, I laugh in every class and everyone in the class is lovely, friendly and welcoming! I highly recommend her class to everyone! She helps with moves, gives advice on clean eating and she’s hilarious!! Come once and I guarantee you will be hooked!!! xxx

Louise Thomas

Sure fire way to lose weight, tone up and get fit with as much help, support and encouragement you could wish for!! Excellent group workouts with everything explained coupled with dietary advice. Best thing I ever did joining this group, I’ve lost 8lb in 4 weeks and have never felt better. Being the only bloke at my first HIIT session felt a bit daunting but as soon as I arrived I was made to feel welcome and although I’m the slowest and most unfittest person there, it’s not been an issue at all. Everything you need to turn your life around. No membership fees, no ego’s, no muscle Mary’s…I’ve tried gym memberships in the past and failed miserably…with Kelly’s HIIT I’ve achieved SO much more.
If your thinking about ways of improving your health, life, confidence etc….Then do your body a favour and come and give this a go! Best decision I ever made…..and only a fiver per session!!!

Matthew Monk

So after years of back issues, I was recommended to seek this lovely ladies help!! And I can truly say I’ve not looked back!! I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve been in years, I can now fit into a size 10 and I’m starting to love my body!! ����� thank you Kelly ��

Clare-anne Hurstell

I have been going to Kelly’s HIIT class for about 5 weeks and I love it. Turned up the first week being the only man so that was a bit scary lol. But there have been a couple more men who have come from time to time. I used to go to the gym but I couldn’t motivate myself. This class is great for me and a good hard work out. Kelly a great instructor and we all have a good laugh and get hit and sweaty lol. This class is not just for the ladies so come on you men and give it a go it’s not as easy as you may think. Well done Kelly top girl

Paul Barber

Absolutely 5 Stars!! �
Very friendly and welcoming class!
Kelly is by far the most dedicated and passionate teacher I’ve had the pleasure to know!
After 4 weeks of healthy eating, cutting out all the crap, and Kelly’s HIIT Classes,
I’ve lost 10lb and 1.3 Inches from my waist!!
Highly recommend!! �. X

Jacqueline Wilkinson

So Kelly Dilliway has got me aching in places I didn’t even know existed!! You are amazing and make me feel so motivated throughout and comftable…some people would think I’m a nutter to say I can’t wait for our next session and to burn up my booty again ���

Ella Wood

AWESOME workout with kelly and the girls tonight , my first time and even though it was tough , isn’t that the point , no pain no gain and what an inspiring teacher , thanks kelly , I’m a new regular!!

Joanna Ponder