Austen King

I’ve been going to Kelly’s HiiT classes for over a year now and I really can’t recommend them enough.

After wasting money of gym memberships that I hardly managed to get to and if I got there wasn’t motived enough to work out hard enough to see any benefit, working out with Kelly has really been an enlightening experience, which has helped me me lose weight, gain strength and improve flexibility and fitter than I’ve been of 20 years.

Kelly is an enthusiastic (without doing that irritating American patronising style) sensible and knowledgeable Fitness Coach who also shares a lot on motivation and nutrition when you’re included in her member group.

Personally speaking it is also nice to be trained by someone who isn’t just fit because they’re a 20 year old! She’s leads by example, quietly encourages those that struggle or new, adjusts moves for those that have injuries, and pushes those who she knows can do better.

It’s a class for all, female or male, old or young, fit or unfit. With so many classes on at different times and days I ironically go to more classes than I very did with a gym membership. There really is not excuse. Just Do It.