Matthew Monk

Sure fire way to lose weight, tone up and get fit with as much help, support and encouragement you could wish for!! Excellent group workouts with everything explained coupled with dietary advice. Best thing I ever did joining this group, I’ve lost 8lb in 4 weeks and have never felt better. Being the only bloke at my first HIIT session felt a bit daunting but as soon as I arrived I was made to feel welcome and although I’m the slowest and most unfittest person there, it’s not been an issue at all. Everything you need to turn your life around. No membership fees, no ego’s, no muscle Mary’s…I’ve tried gym memberships in the past and failed miserably…with Kelly’s HIIT I’ve achieved SO much more.
If your thinking about ways of improving your health, life, confidence etc….Then do your body a favour and come and give this a go! Best decision I ever made…..and only a fiver per session!!!