Having had Kelly Dilliway as a personal trainer once a week for the past 5 weeks, I’m feeling more energetic and healthier already! And lost 4 inches from my waist alone!!
Thanks Kelly for keeping me motivated at pushing me all the way! You are amazing!

Becca Elliott

Myself and my daughter and sister have been having personal training with Kelly once a week for the last 4 weeks.
She is so inspiring and works you to the max but is so encouraging, have felt sooo much benefit already from just one month.She not only trains your body but trains your mind to eat the right things to keep you healthy and fit.
Can’t recommend her highly enough. Thanks Kelly ��

Valerie Clark

I started training with kelly in Feb and I can honestly say she is changing my life !!! She doesn’t judge she doesn’t allow others to judge and she is the most motivating, kind, caring and honest person ! She has given me amazing nutritional advice and encouragement beyond what you would get anywhere else !! She always makes sure you are safe and ensures you don’t injure yourself.
Don’t be afraid just do it once and I promise you won’t look back !!!

Kate Cornes

Brilliant class and perfect for all levels of fitness, lots of classes run throughout the week with a great atmosphere. Kelly is an amazing instructor who loves her job and always makes time for you, she has also become a good friend and we all love her xxx

Becky Scott

A superb demanding,effective confidence building, class workout. A great crowd and instructor (Kelly) . If your a new starter and lack confidence within yourself this is the class. A comfortable encouraging environment with an instructor (Kelly) who will make sure you leave the class with a positive attitude. People who just love sport should try this class out as your core and cardio is worked on and it works – I highly recommend this class – so don’t be hesitant and get to the next class x

Sean Lawlor

Kelly is really friendly and welcoming, it’s not daunting walking into her class, you don’t feel self conscious whatever your shape or size. Her class is high energy but she’s so encouraging, her routines are challenging and clearly demonstrated, you can tell she’s passionate about it what she does, she’s knowledgeable and full of tips.
I’m so happy to have joined her class, she’s an inspiration, I’ve lost inches already and can feel myself getting fitter. Aside her class her Facebook pages are full of healthy recipes and good advice. I highly recommend her class.

Melissa Bailey

Great class, great instructor, great atmosphere. I went along to the class on my own and didn’t feel intimidated at all, Kelly is really friendly as are all those who go too. She will push you but you will not be judged, alternatives are given and constant technique reminders. A great class for all abilities and a great workout, wish I could get to all of Kelly’s classes.

Dionne Bishop

Sunday am outside today , did Kelly’s class with my partner Michelle what a quality workout and a great motivator , well organised , better than I’ve seen army PTIs deliver. Blokes get yourselves along there if man enough for it, won’t be for the faint hearted.

David Borthwick

Working on getting my fitness levels back up, this was perfect. Great professional classes that want you to do more and be better.

Christian Clayden

I started in January and my strength and stamina has really improved. I’m in my 50s with a few minor injuries and Kelly always makes sure I’m doing the exercises safely to suit my particular problems. You have to be prepared to work hard, but the classes are fun and the hard work soon pays off!

Liz Dixon